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120k service, NOX upgrade

After seven year, we are getting closer to 120.000 km mark. Currently at 114.000 km, car is calling on service. Hopefully not because there is something wrong with it. But because previously, i’d always do service before winter, so there is new engine oil lubricating on the cold days of Scandinavian winters. So interval has […]

Audi A1: help, save my Audi!

Audi Germany, offers extended warranty to an owner of an Audi A1, with S-tronic. S-tronic is Audi term for the same gearbox that Volkswagen calls DSG7. “Annoyance of the week”   Mr. Hennecke: My Audi A1 Sportback 1.6 TDI S-tronic factory apparently wrong Software to obtain control of engine and transmission. Before my dealer the mistake he […]

Still waiting …

I stopped counting days and then even months…
It’s certainly been more than a half a year since submission of my case.
Last year… October or something…

But I am still waiting for the closure in the case, about problems with gearbox vows I have been having since I bought my current VW car with DSG7.

Unbelievable that it takes a big corporation 2 years and counting, to fix a car problem. Or at least offer a new car, after all I did not buy a car, so that VW mechanics can practice on my car.

If I told you, that my car spent 2-3 months in the shop, on different occasions, in the first 2 years of its life, would you believe me? Well… It’s correct … Every time I left it, it took them at least a week to return the car. On the last occasion, it took them 4+ weeks …
You’d think my car was all broken up since it took them 4 weeks to fix.
But no… They returned it in the same condition and said it is fixed and they can’t to anything to it.

Now I am waiting for the Council for car complaints. They are also taking their time…
Difficult to count how many times my car was in the shop for the same problem. And issue a statement, “give the customer money back or new car to try his luck with”.
As I am pretty sure law is on my side, when product is defective within warranty period and manufacturer had 3 tries to fix the issue, they are obligated to offer money back or new unit. And in this case a new car.
Well none of the things I was offered. I even claimed both options but was promised that they will fix it this time.