Month: May 2011

DSG7 replacement

Replacing the DSG7 gearbox itself. After some time, complaining about the uneven driving experience and noise from the gearbox/engine at lower gears and RPM’s, dealership called me in for replacement of the gearbox.

Where: CarePoint Slagelse

Mileage: 11416 km

Complaint (2) about gearing in low RPM’sservice

After a vacation where I drove across Europe and back home, noticed following symptoms.

Car is starting to make the grinding noise on more frequent basis. Now I can almost always provocate the noise in second and third gear. Especially when coasting and downshifting (on itself) from third to second gear. Occasionally the grinding noise would be audible in almost all gears except seventh. Also, I’ve experienced, twice,  that when holding still, engine would stall and shut off. Stalling happened once in reverse gear. Display for the gear indicator would only show “D” as no gears are selected. Usually is shows in which gear it is eg. “D2”.

But dealership is refusing to do anything about it, as they are saying that it should be like that. But I disagree, and am looking for second opinion.

Where: CarePoint Slagelse

Mileage: 11218 km