Month: October 2012

Called my Service Partner today

After waiting for more than 7 business days, and no contact by them, I decided to call them.

So I call them, and they are waiting for a “reference” car. Which means, a car that has same specs and similar mileage as mine. This, I was told a year ago as well. Their plan is, find this reference car and check if it is making the same noise and behaviour as mine does. If it does, they will see what they can do. If it does not, then I have no merit in my complaints. That’s what they are planing and saying.

I told them about this reference car, that I was promised last year, and was “never found”. What would make it any different this time? They assured me that they are good in finding stuff like this. Well, I guess we will see. A bit less than a month left on my warranty.

All this, to me, sounds like dragging feet, until my warranty expires. I hope I am wrong, but they haven’t heard last from me just yet.

At the same time I informed them about my research from here, they claim that they never heard about China, Russia, USA extending warranties and complaints on other models with DSG7 gearbox around the world. So I sent them links to the documents. If in China more then 1 million DSG7 units are sold and they all got extended warranty, hard to believe there were no internal memos sent throughout VW concern. But I guess 1 million (probably) faulty units are not cause for concern in VW.

Bulletin TPI2026097

Found this piece of information on TPI2026096 bulletin, that I was looking for few days ago. It suggests complete opposite what VW Denmark have told me. This tells me that they are either not aware of this or that they are willingly trying to hide the problem. This also tells that there is an issue, and that […]

Troubles in India too …

Yet another article, that suggests problems and unsatisfied owners with VW DSG7 gearboxes… This time, it’s in India. Read full article on

Posted my story on Volkswagen Danmark Facebook page

So, late last night, after 8-9 days waiting for a reply on my latest mail to Volkswagen DK, I decided to post my story on Volkswagen Danmark’s facebook page publicly. Early this morning I got a comment from maintainers of the said page, asking my for contact information so they can have a look, what is happening. Later the same day, person that i was corresponding with, finally answered my emails, and mentioned that she has asked my local VW Service Partner to contact me and finish this case. So let’s see what will come out of this …

Jerking is happening again…

Took a drive today, and from standing still on the intersection, car started jerking and making this awful grinding noise all thru 5th gear. Tried to release throttle, and applied it again, but this did not help. A careful reader would know that I have had a car for a bit less than two months, since I got it back from the dealership. Where Volkswagen concluded that it is running as it should.

Just to clarify, noise was always there, even the same day I got it back from the dealership, but as they claimed that it is “standard” I wanted to explore my options and plan my actions in this matter.

Just used Google, Translate to read the description of the problem in Russian DSG7 owner complaint. Read more about it on (translated to english) For documentation purposes, I am copying the description page from Russian complaint site, where they managed to get their claims acknowleded. Volkswagen DSG-7 DQ200 0AM – collective claims Friends! Daily work […]