Month: November 2017

120k service, NOX upgrade

After seven year, we are getting closer to 120.000 km mark. Currently at 114.000 km, car is calling on service. Hopefully not because there is something wrong with it. But because previously, i’d always do service before winter, so there is new engine oil lubricating on the cold days of Scandinavian winters. So interval has been moved by few thousands kilometers.

But, most exciting is, exciting is not proper term… Nervous perhaps fits better. Danish authorities are forcing all cars involved in Volkswagen Dieselgate (NOX fraud) to be upgraded. And mine is one of them. So this time around, beside interval service, there will be a software upgrade and installation of “plastic pipe” of some kind, to make airflow to the engine more even. Or something like that.

But, in the last year, there have been plenty reports, where owners experienced problems with their cars, after this same upgrade. Where EGR, injectors, particle filter and other exhaust systems would fail. Volkswagen does not think these were connected to upgrade itself, but nevertheless used to fix the issues either free of charge or with considerable discounts. I wonder why, they are being so generous?

We’ll see, how it works out for me…