Month: June 2012

Machatronic unit replacement

While I had the car for replacement of dual clutches, dealership where I bought the car, called me in and says that they were given green light to replace mechatronic unit on my car. So now the mechatronic is being replaced as well. There is not much else, left in regard to gearbox to be replaced. Problem is still there. Jerky/shaky and uneven gear shifting.

Dual Clutch replacment

After I’ve gotten Flywheel replaced, car was running as a dream for a longest time ever. But lately, it started to show the early symptoms of the previous issues. Noise, uneven ride and gear changing etc. So they decided it could be time for replacement of dual clutch for DSG7. Complaint about shaky ride, uneven and inconsistent changing of gear.

Where: SMC Holbæk
Mileage: 35572 km

Complaint (3) Noise is back

So, the noise is back, although very settle, but it’s there nonetheless. Went to dealership to let them know, about it. And they were puzzled. They did some diagnostics, but no errors showed up. They decided to update software in mechatronic unit and in the engine/on-board computer. Not much changed. But told me that they have seen the problem before, and that flywheel replacement helped.