Month: August 2012

Verdict from VW Germany

Regarding noise complain in some gears, mostly in 2. gear, but not isolated to only 2. gear. No explanation about, why the car is jumpy and shaky when accelerating from standstill. Tomorrow I am going to pick up the car, and see how it behaves and sounds.

Sent an mail to VW Denmark

Sent an email  to VW Denmark, requiring action as I do not think they are being honest in the matter. They claim to be a “serial production standard”, but it doesn’t make any sense of this being the issue.

What is this all about?

Well, in November 2010, I bought a brand new Volkswagen Touran (model 2011). Not long time after I bought the car, I started noticing the strange behaviour when it would shift gears. This was my first DSG car, manual transmission with automatic gear changing; So I didn’t know what to expect and it was snowy so I contributed the behaviour to slippery surface.

When in lower gears and at low RPM’s there would be shaky and jerky behaviour  So, as I mentioned above, I thought it might be snow/ice and ESP system that tried to keep the car stable. This has happened few times in the winter months while roads are covered with snow. So I didn’t think much of it.Continue reading

Dual clutch + Flywheel

Somewhere in Northern Sealand (March 2011)

Car has been in the garage for the last 3 weeks while they investigate what is wrong with the car. I am given another car to drive around for no extra charge, which is good. I called to hear about progress of troubleshooting and was told that they are in dialog with Germany and their technical staff. They are sending them measurements and test results and what not. Germans have sent them new dual clutches and flywheel, that are suppose to be revised parts. But after they have replaced the parts, again; Problem is still present.

So now, I am still waiting for my car, while they are recording video and audio of the engine and gearbox to send to Germany.