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Bulletin TPI2026097

Found this piece of information on TPI2026096 bulletin, that I was looking for few days ago. It suggests complete opposite what VW Denmark have told me. This tells me that they are either not aware of this or that they are willingly trying to hide the problem. This also tells that there is an issue, and that […]

Just used Google, Translate to read the description of the problem in Russian DSG7 owner complaint. Read more about it on (translated to english) For documentation purposes, I am copying the description page from Russian complaint site, where they managed to get their claims acknowleded. Volkswagen DSG-7 DQ200 0AM – collective claims Friends! Daily work […]

In China and US Volkswagen issues prolonged warranty on DSG gearbox…

I just read an article on Malaysian website (CBT) regarding problems with Volkswagen DSG7 gearboxes in China, from June 2012. Volkswagen has offered to prolong warranty on all their models with DSG7 in China, to 10 years or 160.000 km. The same thing has happened in 2009 for US customers. See document here. But I guess Europeans are not that lucky…

Article is especially interesting, as it mentions all those things I have been having with my car. So it is regarded as fault in the US and China, but Volkswagen Denmark and Volkswagen AG claims that this is “serial production standard”… But they still refuse to give me an official document stating this. So, no official acknowledgment, just excuses and coverups.

Not alone …

Today I was contacted by a group of French VW owners that are having same problems as I am, and they are organised. They informed that VW in China have prolonged warranty on VW DSG7 gearboxes… Which is good news for Chinese owners, but why are European owners silent in this matter?