VW cars victims of strange problems, but that hides the note TPI2026097?

Did a search on “TPI2026097”, which is an internal technical note (for lack of original term) to see what shows up, and found the article on a RTL Belgium (original article link).

Here is the article in its translated form, from French to English. 

Several Volkswagen cars equipped with an automatic DSG7 suffer breakdowns. Given the number of complaints, it is clearly a problem of construction. But the group has not yet decided to Belgium. And in the meantime, are paying customers …

The owners of Volkswagen cars equipped with an automatic DSG7 not invade the roads, but the forums and social networks. Most of those who complain bought a car built in 2009 or 2010. they complain, but what? Obviously, there would be a structural defect at the gearbox DSG7. The problems faced by motorists are diverse. ” When I climb a hill, the engine chatters when I’m in 2nd gear. Seems like I’m stuck, and the power is not there anymore , “explained a surfer. ” When I go on pavement, there is a real rattle. Which is more annoying is that I can no longer mount a strong side as my garage slope for example , “said another witness . Having received these explanations, we sought to learn more, and there is clearly an internal memo from Volkswagen note TPI 2026097 . We hit this reference in Google, and then, surprise: the entire forums are flooded with messages from people who drive a vehicle equipped with a VW DSG7 box. They use different models: Polo, Golf, Touran, etc. … But all meet the same concern: the car “grazes” second …

Dealers not on the same wavelength
Given the existence of this note, it seemed logical that the problem was known from the manufacturer. But here comes the second bad surprise for guests: there is not yet set up action at the Belgium and dealers seem to react differently to the problem. Supported the prices charged and therefore vary depending on the door which will strike. A finding ulcer victims who believe that the manufacturer is to make repairs at his expense. ” I have even dared to tell me that if I had a clutch problem, it was because of the way I roll. But it’s an automatic! , “he told a visitor contacted by telephone.

Yet action in Belgium
We queried the VW Group Belgium on this issue and note TPI 2026097 . For the moment, we do not have a lot of explaining. ” There is an action that was implemented in Germany , “we have been told. According to several posts that we have found on forums, repairs are now supported by the group in France also, but we have had no official confirmation. In Belgium, for cons, no action plan has been developed. ” But from the moment it was introduced in Germany, it could soon be the case here also , “we have been further explained in VW Belgium. This leaves most customers victims of this problem … to cross your fingers.