Visual representation of the problems I’ve been having with my brand new Volkswagen Touran (2011 model) …

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  1. Do you know if they are selling the same dsg7 today 2013-04-07 ? Or is it a new version?
    I have not seen any complaints from Skoda Octavia owners with this dsg7 gearbox and 1,6 tdi.
    I am thinking of buying a brand new Octavia MY2012 with dsg7 and 1,6tdi but im not so sure after reading all this crap :/
    My car is built in august 2012 but i will be the first owner this week.
    The tdi puts out 250Nm and the gearbox is rated at 250Nm. Not much margins :/

  2. Hi Kristofer,

    it’s difficult to say, if the gearbox part number is 0AM (model DQ200) I would assume it’s the same. There might be difference in other parts of the gearbox. Eg. clutch pack and/or flywheel. Which is in my experience the problem. I haven’t heard of any reports of new revised DQ200 versions.

    So far I was informed by VW service partner, they installed new revised parts on my car, but I am still not happy with the result and don’t believe their claim that they fixed it. It still does the same things as before, just less frequently..

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