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Jerking is happening again…

Took a drive today, and from standing still on the intersection, car started jerking and making this awful grinding noise all thru 5th gear. Tried to release throttle, and applied it again, but this did not help. A careful reader would know that I have had a car for a bit less than two months, since I got it back from the dealership. Where Volkswagen concluded that it is running as it should.

Just to clarify, noise was always there, even the same day I got it back from the dealership, but as they claimed that it is “standard” I wanted to explore my options and plan my actions in this matter.

Got a reply!

Email says… they can’t do anything about it … as VW AG is refusing to take responsability in the matter. They are still calling it, serial production standard…
I call it, “not good enough standard” … Maybe they should rethink their serial production …

Dual clutch + Flywheel

Car has been in the garage for the last 3 weeks while they investigate what is wrong with the car. I am given another car to drive around for no extra charge, which is good. I called to hear about progress of troubleshooting and was told that they are in dialog with Germany and their technical staff. They are sending them measurements and test results and what not. Germans have sent them new dual clutches and flywheel, that are suppose to be revised parts. But after they have replaced the parts, again; Problem is still present.

So now, I am still waiting for my car, while they are recording video and audio of the engine and gearbox to send to Germany.

Machatronic unit replacement

While I had the car for replacement of dual clutches, dealership where I bought the car, called me in and says that they were given green light to replace mechatronic unit on my car. So now the mechatronic is being replaced as well. There is not much else, left in regard to gearbox to be replaced. Problem is still there. Jerky/shaky and uneven gear shifting.